Bart de Rooij

Bart de Rooij

Member of the following labs:
AI for Oncology Lab Computational Pathology Lab


I have an interdisciplinary background in Medicine and Artificial Intelligence. After earning my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam, I was motivated to apply my skills to the field of cancer research. In December of 2022, I joined the Computational Pathology group led by Hugo Horlings as a Clinical Scientist.

In this role, I focus on bridging the gap between clinicians, medical researchers and AI researchers. My work involves bringing novel AI methods, such as those developed by Jonas Teuwen's AI for Oncology group, into clinical practice and making them widely available to medical researchers. By combining software engineering, development of a standardized workflow for AI models and clinical research, the goal is to make these innovative AI models a widely available diagnostic tool for pathologists to improve breast cancer treatment.